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Hey this is my new tumblr thing k it's vane!

yey ! I’ll follow you right away <3

do you know what show/clip was this gif from? post/50976042371/zelos-way-of-eating-is-too-cute-3 im new to the fandom so i have no idea >.< thank u~

I’m so sorry to the LATE reply but no I have no idea to be honest :/  if I find the source I’ll let you know ok? :3

Guys I beg you to please share this video ! Let’s spam this video specially us Kpop fans ! Eat Your Kimchi did this video cuz they are counting on us. I’m doing my part what about you? #libertyinnorthkorea

Guys let’s share this video! Us Kpop fans we must do it it’s for a good cause ! Liberty in N.Korea !